Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Is it possible for a business enterprise to efficiently manage every function end-to-end and to make cost optimization while satisfying their customer needs? With Altiware end-to-end integrated applications, our answer will be yes. Supply process management applications start with maintaining the services and supplies that businesses’ need to produce and end with the actual production and shipment process.

This main process has lower process levels like product, supply, procurement, warehouse management. If a business doesn’t keep track efficiently, in this easily changing circumstances having lots of supply and product stock will delimitate your mobility. Supply chain management optimization, helps businesses with cash increment in the fastest possible way and helps them adapt the changes easily. With their flexible and dynamic groundwork, Altiware applications manages the process of the transportation of products that businesses offer to customers, on time, in exact quality and cost. Also it lowers costs with its cost control ability by doing the efficiency and capacity management in the best possible way. Adapts the changes in our competitive world easily and manages all costing in the business effectively. Altiware applications calculates your suppliers performance with its real time analysis and reports, finds problems distinctly which will improve your hand against your suppliers.

Tedarik Zinciri (SCM)