Quality Control

Like all industry branches, creating an exquisite production plan and following it is very important in apparel manufacturing. Competition is growing in our day so businesses try to lower the labor cost. That brings quality control process and automation to the foreground.

Altiware Quality Control Module facilitates your life by applying quality control in every step on your production. Pre-production, during assort, after the fabric is cut and before it enters the sewing line and becomes a product, every part of the product (size, clip-on etc.) is controlled and if there’s any failure, it will be removed and replaced with a right part. During the production in the production line, during the production control, in-line control elements from the sewing line, does random controls while the product is being knit and measures randomly picked products to see if there’s any problem from the sewing line. Manufacturing ends when control elements control every product %100 and keep their record. Before the loading, the products that are sent to the warehouse for shipment are controlled the last time via sampling to see their quality standard before the shipment.

Kalite Kontrol