Business enterprises have to move their invoices and journals to digital environment according to legal regulations. Within these regulations, our applications ensure with the integration approval from Revenue Administration. Having various integration types, E-Government can act differently for every business enterprise.

E-Invoice is an electronic document which is standardized with a particular format, sealed in an unchangeable way, trusted between seller and buyer and finally, saves your time and cost. E-Invoice has every legal qualification that paper invoices have. With turn-key solutions which are special for your business, it eliminates your paper invoice procurement, submission and hoard costs. Also the invoices will be archived, that way you can find all your invoices when you need and you can check if your invoice is sent or you can just display your invoice by our screens which are created by the rules designated by the government and are customized for each business enterprise.

E-Ledger is an electronic document which has every information that a ledger has according to VUK and TTK. With our Altiware E-Ledger application, business enterprises can keep their ledgers and journal books in an electronic environment which are designed in a standard format that Revenue Administration determined. Also they can send them to Revenue Administration in digital media, which will prevent their costs like printing them in paper and keeping them stored.