Business Intelligence (BI)

Operational Business Intelligence is a new generation application which help companies make their operational decisions accurately at the right time, including all outer business partners like customers suppliers. By uniting the analytic aspect and actual operations, it helps decision makers with tracking real time processes and applying the decisions that they have to make. Operations may end unwillingly by a problem accrued in a procedure. In these cases, managers interact and in a traditional way, plenty of phone calls will fix the problem. Another way to fix this, is by building the workflow directly connected with the decision makers.

In these days, analysis are presented to managers with the business’ basic performance indicators (KPI) or portals that have summarized statistics. To make the right decision at the right time, it’s very important that the information flow occurs instantly, not after days or weeks.

An exquisite Business Intelligence system offers its users analyze cubes and dashboards. A better system, connects these tools with operations so if there is a problem, the user can find the problem’s source easily by tracking its detail. In addition to these magnificent properties, Altiware helps the user act instantly while after s/he makes a decision. For example, if there’s a problem with the dashboard, the user can go to its source and fix the operation easily and accurately, so the problem is fixed at the right time with the necessary regulations done and the process is back to normal.

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