Advanced Manufacturing Management

In our day’s rigorous market conditions; planning, productivity, costing, procurement, traceability are the most indispensable properties of Advanced Manufacturing systems. With Altiware Advanced Manufacturing Management you can calculate your costs rapidly and healthy, make complex product descriptions, plan your resources properly and use them more active and efficient so you can minimize your stock levels.

The changes on the product recipes depending on the market conditions are inevitable. You can easily revise your recipes or you can make order based recipe definitions. By planning the production accurately you can determine your customer orders by deciding the begin time and which resources will be used. With the visual tools that the system offers, you can track the production status and make adjustments on your plans.

Altiware Advanced Manufacturing Management helps you follow your manufacturing processes by barcode or RFID. Flexible burst, bash – lot applications will help you track all raw material entries to product shipment.

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