Critical Path Method (CPM)

Whether you are a producer or a retailer, today’s industry tendencies made important changes on design, product development and procurement cycle which affect everyone in the industry. All these orientations puts more pressure on new style development, confirmation processes and supplier relations. Besides all these developments, most of the business enterprises in the sector doesn’t have a system that can handle this pressure. Processes are usually handled manually and by excel tables, e-mails and tons of phone calls.

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Critical Path
Mobil Çözümler

Mobile Solutions

Altiware Mobile Solutions, offer you a user friendly, dynamic structure which is accessible from every environment and will simplify your employee’s life. Regardless of the place and time you can use Altiware Mobile Business Applications from mobile devices (pocket pc, iPhone, iPad…) integrated with your main applications.

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Web Board

WebBoard is a flexible and agile business application that helps you find fast solutions in a competitive environment. You can track your business’ status 7/24 anywhere anytime so you can be one step ahead from other companies.

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web board


Business enterprises have to move their invoices and journals to digital environment according to legal regulations. Within these regulations, our applications ensure with the integration approval from Revenue Administration. Having various integration types, E-Government can act differently for every business enterprise.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Operational Business Intelligence is a new generation application which help companies make their operational decisions accurately at the right time, including all outer business partners like customers suppliers. By uniting the analytic aspect and actual operations, it helps decision makers with tracking real time processes and applying the decisions that they have to make. Operations may end unwillingly by a problem accrued in a procedure. In these cases, managers interact and in a traditional way, plenty of phone calls will fix the problem.

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İş Zekası
Tedarik Zinciri (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Is it possible for a business enterprise to efficiently manage every function end-to-end and to make cost optimization while satisfying their customer needs? With Altiware end-to-end integrated applications, our answer will be yes. Supply process management applications start with maintaining the services and supplies that businesses’ need to produce and end with the actual production and shipment process.

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Quality Control

Like all industry branches, creating an exquisite production plan and following it is very important in apparel manufacturing. Competition is growing in our day so businesses try to lower the labor cost. That brings quality control process and automation to the foreground.

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Kalite Kontrol


Productivity is one of the most important components of competition nowadays. Determining and calculating the productivity concept accurately is very important to see if the resources are used effectively. Productivity, in a general way, is to get maximum results with minimum resources.

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Human Resource Management

To fit our day’s rigorous business world you have to be agile, and to be one step ahead of your rivals you need strong human source other than rigid institutional and financial structure. Optimizing Human Resources Management processes and replacing manual labor with automation will improve your company’s efficiency and will give you an advantage among other companies.

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İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi
ileri üretim yönetimi

Advanced Manufacturing Management

In our day’s rigorous market conditions; planning, productivity, costing, procurement, traceability are the most indispensable properties of Advanced Manufacturing systems. With Altiware Advanced Manufacturing Management you can calculate your costs rapidly and healthy, make complex product descriptions, plan your resources properly and use them more active and efficient so you can minimize your stock levels.

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