Sales Management System

SmArt Sales Management System designed to keep pace with never ending changes and improvements of retail business. Being fast and making right decisions are not optional in tough competitive climate. SmArt is a solution that ensures to adapt in the same agility to this dynamic environment.

To meet exactly retail business processes needing, SmArt has the state of the art technology. Thanks to unique customization features, user interfaces, reports, forms, analysis and business rules can be defined to meet business needs exactly.

SmArt has integrated architecture including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Intelligence (BI), Supply Chain Management (SCM) modules that are necessary for retail business. Unlike conventional commercial business applications, its architectural design build upon integrated modules like Business Intelligence that supports decision making in every level of business and Customer Relationship Management. With the help of integrated structure SmArt enables to access directly necessary information from actual working module.

With the simplified and well organized parametrical architecture SmArt minimizes installation and management processes.

To sustainable improvement and evolution, SmArt stays updated by the never ending R&D activities.